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Pinlo Blender Pro is a new portable blender from Xiaomi’s ecological chain


Food processors have become a vital part of every household. From the sophisticated to the simple models, Xiaomi has got several products from its ecological chain. One of Xiaomi’s ecological chain companies Pinlo has launched the Pinlo Blender Pro. The product is a super cost-effective food processor and is an upgrade of the first version that sold very well in China.XIaomi Pinlo Blender Pro

Although these products hardly get sold officially by Xiaomi outside China, you just might be lucky to find it on any of the popular Chinese retailers around. The blender is a portable product with a cool design which has an aesthetic appeal.Pinlo Blender Pro

Instead of the pure white minimalist design which Xiaomi/Mijia products are known for, the new blender comes in indigo blue and red. It utilises a shockproof silicone sleeve on the outer layer which not only reduces the vibration felt when the blender is held in place while turned on but also effectively reduces the noise. The sleeve also acts as protection if it is accidentally dropped. Another interesting part – the main cup can be used as water can with a separate cover.


The upgrade isn’t just in the design, as the Pinlo Pro comes with a more powerful motor with 30,000 rpm and a low noise level of 83dB. The blender features six corrosion-resistant blades made from titanium alloy. The motor has been optimized to last for up to 5 years and the power increased from 600W to 1000W.


In addition, there is a separate cup for blending stuff with a high-strength glass body and a 2mm thick asymmetric blade and stainless steel chassis inside.

The blender is priced at 199 yuan (~$28) but with the glass cup, it goes up to 239 yuan (~$33).

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