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Phones with 100MP selfie cameras coming soon


Phones with 100MP+ rear cameras have been available for more than a year now, and while selfie cameras have also gotten an upgrade, the highest pixel count for a front-facing camera is 44MP. However, that might change soon.

According to the leaker, Digital Chat Station, a phone with a 100MP (read 108MP) selfie camera is coming. Unfortunately, he didn’t say who the manufacturer is, though we want to believe it is a Chinese one.

100MP selfie camera

While a 100MP+ selfie camera is exciting, we are curious to know how it will be implemented. The available 108MP sensors are quite big and take up a lot of space on the back of phones, so putting one in front is going to mean the phone will either have a large notch or a large hole punch. However, we think there are two ways to pull it off without ending up with an unsightly notch or hole punch.

The first is via the pop-up design as the pop-up mechanism can be made bigger to accommodate the large sensor. The other way is to use motorized flip cameras just like the Zenfone 6

and Zenfone 7 by ASUS. This method allows you to put a 100MP camera on the back that doubles as the selfie camera when flipped up.

We look forward to seeing the first phone with a 100MP launch soon and we are pretty sure more manufacturers will jump on the train once the first device launches.


100MP selfie cameras are not the only things you should be excited about. It has been reported that phones with 200MP cameras will also arrive this year and the ZTE Axon 30 Pro may be the first phone in the world with a 200MP sensor.


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