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Pete Lau teases OnePlus’s partnership with Hasselblad; announcement scheduled for March 8


OnePlus has an announcement scheduled for March 8. That is exactly a week from today. If you think it is a launch event for the OnePlus 9 series, sorry to burst your bubble but it isn’t. However, the announcement is most likely related to the upcoming phones.

The news about the announcement was first posted on Twitter by Pete Lau, the founder and CEO of OnePlus, and the tweet includes an image of the earth taken from the moon as well as a link to a page with the title “moonshot”.

The image is actually a teaser for OnePlus’s partnership with Hasselblad as it was taken with a Hasselblad camera from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. A leak from a few weeks ago had revealed that OnePlus partnered with the camera giant for its new flagship phone, the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Next week’s announcement is expected to shed light on the collaboration between the two companies. It has also been reported that OnePlus will announce the launch date for the OnePlus 9 series next week. The source of the info is Max Jambor who is known for his reliable OnePlus-related leaks.


The OnePlus 9 series will have three phones – a pro model, a standard model, and a more affordable version with a yet-to-be-confirmed official name. The standard and pro models are reported to have a Snapdragon 888

chipset while the third phone will have a less-powerful chipset. All three phones will run Android 11 out of the box.



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