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Pete Lau: OnePlus Watch is coming early next year


The OnePlus Watch has been in development for a few years but was reportedly shelved. Then this year, details of the watch began to surface in leaks alongside a planned release for Q4 2020. We even got to see the straps of a Cyberpunk 2077 limited edition of the watch. Unfortunately, OnePlus decided to postpone the launch. Now, Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus h as revealed when the watch will arrive.


The top executive and co-founder had revealed in an interview with InputMag that they are indeed working on a smartwatch. Today, he took to Twitter to announce that the OnePlus Watch will be released early next year.

While there is no specific date, our guess is that the smartwatch will be unveiled alongside the OnePlus 9 series.

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So far we know that the OnePlus Watch will have a round dial which makes sense as OnePlus will not want its first smartwatch to be called an Apple Watch clone (seriously, not every square-faced watch is an Apple Watch clone). Though, that will eventually happen if and when OnePlus decides to make a square-faced watch.

There are reports that the smartwatch will run Wear OS but it has not been confirmed. Pete Lau did reveal that they are working with Google to improve Wear OS but said it is not a confirmation that the smartwatch will ship with the operating system. That is all the info we have but we expect more details will surface in the weeks leading to the launch of the wearable.


OnePlus will join its sister companies in the wearable business, OPPO and realme, who both announced their first smartwatches this year.

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