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OPPO showcases its Wireless Air Charging tech that takes charging into thin air


In late January, Xiaomi unveiled its Mi Air Charge Technology that charges multiple devices simultaneously without the need for cables or a wireless charging stand. Now, OPPO has announced something similar with its Wireless Air Charging technology. Yes, we are heading towards a wire-less wireless charging future.

At MWC Shanghai, OPPO took the stage to showcase its OPPO X 2021 concept phone with OPPO’s new Wireless Air Charging technology. The said tech can deliver up to 7.5W of charging power with no cables or charging stands.

OPPO’s Wireless Air Charging technology uses magnetic resonance technology. It lets your device begin charging as soon as it is within 10 cm of its charging mat. The one upside of this tech is that you can use your device while it charges wirelessly at 7.5W. In contrast, Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology works even when the phone is a few feet away. However, it is likely to take years to arrive in mass markets.


The company also referred to its concept OPPO X 2021. It said that OPPO has applied for 122 individual new patents, including 12 relating to a completely new rollable mechanism. The smartphone uses OPPO’s proprietary Warp Track screen laminate tech, which creates a display that unrolls like a caterpillar track. Hence, it doesn’t create any creases.


OPPO is using a custom-developed Roll Motor powertrain on the OPPO X 2021. It uses two drive motors to smoothly extend and retract without too much stress on the high-end display. The smartphone is touted to use two sliding plates to support the screen whether it’s retracted or fully unrolled. There is also a dynamic frame that strengthens the entire device.

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