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OPPO patents a Smartphone design having a Secondary display within the rear Camera layout


OPPO has been patenting interesting smartphone designs lately. One such weird patent we saw back in November showed a Block structure

for foldables. Now, its new Patent makes a second screen within the rear Camera layout possible.
OPPO patent with Secondary Display within Camera Layout

The patent, filed by OPPO Guangdong Mobile Communications Co., Ltd at CNIPA(China National Intellectual Property Administration) has been published on February 19. The patent shows a design just another Smartphone design upfront until you turn it over to the back.

As you can see below, the rear has a circular camera layout with cut-outs for lenses and a small hole likely an LED flash. Inside the layout, there’s another circular layout. OPPO intends to use this as a small Secondary display. In the patent, it has shown a colored render with use-case scenarios.

For instance, the small display can quickly serve for showing Time, Date as shown in the design. And there is always a possibility that the company could expand this by showing Quick Notifications, Fitness Data, and more.

Also, upfront, there is no Selfie camera present. This might make you wonder if OPPO intends to use the secondary display(as a viewfinder) so people can take selfies using the rear camera. However, we aren’t sure about it as it is smaller in Size.

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Anyway, the rest of the design isn’t that different. We have a curved display at the front, an USB-C, SIM card slot, Speaker, a primary mic at the bottom, and a secondary mic up top. Apart from the circular design, OPPO also has a sketch of a square-shaped rear layout with rounded edges.


As with every other patent, we aren’t sure if it would make it to the final design.



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