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OPPO might mark its entry in the tablet segment in 2021


It was reported late last year the OPPO could mark its entry in the tablet and notebook segment. Now, new details regarding its tablet have surfaced online. There is a wide space open in the Android tablet world. While Apple leads the segment with iPads, there are Samsung, Huawei, Honor, and Lenovo in the Android space. We could use some more competition, which would likely benefit the end consumer.

The latest development comes from a report by the Chinese publication, ITHome. As per the report, insiders have revealed that OPPO is already in talks with suppliers for its first tablet. It didn’t reveal any names. Hence, we do not know who OPPO’s partners are for the components. While not much is known about the upcoming OPPO tablet, it is likely to run Android. Hence, it would compete with the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Honor, and Lenovo which are the major players in the segment.

While the tablet market was facing a decline a few years ago, it picked up momentum in the pandemic during 2020, which introduced more work from home and online studies. It forced schools to close and students to learn virtually. Hence, OPPO might be looking at it as an opportunity to debut a tablet.


The company is also rumored to be prepping to launch its first foldable smartphone. However, the upcoming phone is not rollable, and the showcased device isn’t coming anytime soon.

For the unaware, the 6.7-inch prototype was showcased to roll out via a dynamic scrolling frame, and you get 7.4-inches of screen real estate. You could simply swipe the side button to extend and retract the flexible panel. That being said, it isn’t coming anytime soon. Hence, we expect OPPO to be making a Huawei Mate X series and Galaxy Z Fold 2-like foldable smartphone. However, it remains to be seen if it will be announced before or after OPPO’s tablet.

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