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OPPO announces a new “3+N+X” strategy at the INNO DAY 2020 event


Today, OPPO held the second iteration of its “OPPO INNO DAYevent in Shenzhen, China. At the event, the company announced three new developments including an AR Glass, and a rollable smartphone. Alongside the new concept products, OPPO also announced a new development strategy to integrate its products, technologies under one ecosystem.

OPPO 3+N+X Strategy
Credits: YouTube/OPPO

OPPO calls it the “3+N+X” Technology transition Strategy. Here “3” refers to the prime capacities of its hardware, software, and service technologies. “N” stands for essential AI, Security and Privacy, Multimedia, and interconnectivity. “X” signifies its innovative tech like AR, flash charging, new form factors(concepts), imaging, and more. Going forward, OPPO says the strategy is going to be the key priority of its R&D development.

3- Hardware, Software, Service

Talking about the “3” underlying technologies, OPPO says it’s emphasizing more on short-distance wireless communications. That is, in addition to the already evolving hardware tech. It also aims to connect multiple-devices like Smart Home Products under one roof.

Next, for software, OPPO not only aims to have a software that is backward compatible but also make it work seamlessly across multiple devices through collaboration and one-stop engineering solution across ecosystems. Oppo’s services tech to provide internet services involves Cloud computing, Big Data, Machine Learning, and smart services. They work in tandem to improve the value of data online.

According to OPPO, it has a daily Application and Smart services distribution of 1.7 billion, 330 million respectively. The company also says it has around 280 million monthly active content users.

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N- Essential Capabilities

Talking about the essential technological capabilities, OPPO said that it’s HeyThings IoT platform offers a one-stop solution for developers to share resources. It says the platform has about more than 50 categories and partnerships with more than 30 brands including Midea so far.

Furthermore, it says car machine interconnection is also on the list of OPPO’s interconnectivity. It believes with resource co-ordination, technology transfers bet ween car devices, we can achieve sensorless car keys, remote car control, and intelligent screencast(Smart screen).


X- Differentiated technologies

As mentioned earlier, OPPO’s differentiated tech aims to be innovative, disruptive whilst improving the overall user experience. For instance, OPPO’s SuperVOOC(125W), AirVOOC(65W), 50W SuperVOOC mini Charger are examples of what the company is capable of.

Lastly, OPPO says that it’s ideal for a company to properly integrate the technologies apart from developing it. And with persistent investment in R&D, it is going to let the users reap the benefits while absorbing all the hard tasks for itself.

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