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OPPO AirVOOC 45W Wireless charger gets certified in Indonesia, global launch imminent


OPPO launched the 45W AirVOOC Wireless Charger a day after the Find X3 Pro unveiling. The charger is priced at 329 yuan($50) in the country. Now, it has appeared on Indonesia Telecom certification indicating an imminent global launch.

OPPO AirVOOC 45W Wireless Charger 01

Spotted by Mukul Sharma, an OPPO wireless charger with model number OAWV02 appears on the Indonesia Telecom website. This the 45W AirVOOC wireless charger that launched in China. Although the Find X3 Pro wireless charging up to 30W, we don’t have a charger that supports AirVOOC protocol globally yet.

Well, this could be the one that OPPO is bringing to complement the 2021 flagship. Surprisingly, OPPO Ace2

, which launched in China last year, supports a higher wireless charging of up to 40W which is 10W higher than the 2021 Find X3 Pro.

Besides, OPPO’s sister OnePlus is also bringing a 50W wireless charger to the Global markets with the OnePlus 9 series. Let’s wait and see how these chargers differ from each other although we think they might be similar, at least on the inside.

Speaking of which, the OPPO 45W AirVOOC Wireless charger supports inputs from 18W/20W/65W adapters. For the output, devices that support AirVOOC tech can make use of the 45W but others(Qi protocol) are limited to 15W.


The charger has features like a Type-C port, six protections including over-voltage, over-current, and foreign body detection, a fan to keep itself cool, supports phones with cases having thickness



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