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OnePlus TV 32Y1/43Y1 OTA3 update brings new Alexa skills and OnePlus Connect features


Apart from entering the budget smartphone segment, OnePlus also introduced budget smart TVs this year. The company’s first affordable televisions go by the names of OnePlus TV 32Y1 and OnePlus TV 43Y1 respectively. These TVs received their first system update in their launch month itself, whereas the second update was rolled out a month later. Now, the brand has started seeding out the third update.

OnePlus TV Y Series 43Y1 Featured

The two models in the OnePlus TV Y series have identical hardware except for the display size and resolution. Hence, both of them run the same software build and receive updates together.

That said, the new update called OTA3 brings new OnePlus Connect features, new Amazon Alexa skills, and most importantly, the latest build also claims to improve Google

Chromecast stability. The update is currently being rolled out in batches and should reach every unit in the coming days.

Talking about the new OnePlus

Connect features, the changelog mentions the addition of screen time and data statistics, an option to clear background apps in one click, and connection stability improvements. Similarly, new Alexa skills include search content, brightness control, open applications, and keypad control.

OnePlus TV 32Y1/43Y1 OTA3 Update Official Changelog

  • Update OnePlus Connect:
    • Check Screen time and Data statistics
    • Clear background apps in one click
    • Improve connection stability with TV
  • New skills of Alexa:
    • Search content: “Alexa, show me the movie The Lord of the Rings.”
    • Brightness control: “Alexa, dim OnePlus TV.”
    • Open apps: “Alexa, open YouTube on OnePlus TV
    • Keypad Controller: “Alexa, go left.” “Alexa, choose this.”
  • Improve Chromecast stability while casting from phone to TV
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