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OnePlus renames the Fnatic Mode to Pro Gaming Mode after the partnership ends


Around the time the OnePlus 7 series launched, the company had begun showing interest in the esports industry. This even led to the company partnering up with a major esports organization, Fnatic. The company launched an easter egg as well, offering users a Fnatic themed wallpaper under the Fnatic Mode for gaming. But now, this mode is being renamed as Pro Gaming Mode following the end of its partnership.


For those unaware, the OnePlus 7 series was the first to arrive with this feature, which was also rolled out for several older smartphone models as well. The gaming related mode has been an integral part of OxgenOS since then, but the Chinese tech giant has now decided to rename the feature. The company recently began rolling out the OxygenOS 11 Open Beta 3 update, which is based on Android 11, for the OnePlus 7 series. This update brings various optimizations and bug fixes along with a new Pro Gaming Mode.

This feature was first pointed out by a Reddit user u/T1Az (Via XDADevelopers), who spotted that the Fnatic Mode is no longer present in the latest Open Beta iteration. At the moment, the company has yet to make any official announcement regarding his change, but XDADevelopers reached out to the company and even got a statement. While the branding and name have changed, there shouldn’t be a vast difference in functionality.


The company said that “OnePlus’ partnership with Fnatic has come to its natural and mutual conclusion. Users of OnePlus devices who have enjoyed our Fnatic mode will continue to receive the same features and capabilities, but under a new Pro Gaming Mode name. The naming update will transition across devices starting from the 6 series. Fnatic has been a supportive partner to OnePlus, and we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate again in the future.”




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