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OnePlus makes searching easier for Indian users with OnePlus Scout


A new feature is now available for OnePlus users in India. Called OnePlus Scout, it allows users to search for almost anything from a single search bar. The new feature comes with the new version of the OnePlus Launcher.

Before, you could only search for apps using the search bar available in the launcher. However, with OnePlus Scout, users can now search for files, contacts, locations, restaurants, and public spots. It doesn’t end there. You can also search for news and weather updates from the web and even solve math problems by accessing the Calculator app on the phone according to XDA-Developers.

OnePlus Scout

OnePlus Scout is available with version 4.7.2_200818175549 of the One Plus launcher app. After the update, you will be greeted with a setup menu for the feature. It will request for permission to access your contacts, storage, and location. As you can see, it doesn’t request access to your messages, so sadly, you will not be able to search f or info from there.


OxygenOS is known for its customizations and OnePlus allows you to customize certain features of OnePlus Scout. You can choose to have all the apps display when you enter the app drawer or just the search bar. You can also choose whether search results should be from other installed apps or also from the web. There is also a toggle for enabling search tips.

OnePlus Scout is a nice feature and one we hope will be available for other markets. We hope OnePlus announces a wider rollout soon.

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