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OnePlus lists adopted ideas from IDEAS 2.0: FPS counter, true black dark mode, and more


OnePlus announced the IDEAS program early this year as a way to get feedback from the community on OxygenOS and what new features and improvements can be implemented. IDEAS 2.0, the second edition was announced in September, and now OnePlus has released the list of features that will be implemented.

OnePlus IDEAS 2.0 recap

The list of adopted ideas was shared via a post on the official OnePlus Forums website. It includes a total of seven new features and also mentions several other ideas that were not adopted. Below are the adopted ideas:

  • Add an FPS counter option in Game Space
  • Separate volume for each app and allow dual media playback – allows users to adjust the volume of individual apps rather than automatically pausing playback on one app in favor of another
  • Lockscreen customization – the ability to customize shortcuts, clocks, and weather data.
  • Wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus phone and vice versa – a more efficient and simpler way to transfer files between OnePlus phones and a PC.
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  • Power Diet – a battery saving mode where only basic features such as calls and messages only work. May be similar to Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode.
  • True Dark Mode – a dark mode with black rather than gray or the option to choose between black and gray
  • Partial Screenshot – users will be able to take a screenshot of a portion of the screen rather than the whole screen,
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The above ideas are going to be implemented along with input from those who suggested them. However, there is no mention of how soon or when we will get to see these new features.

The ideas not adopted include Desktop Mode, hole punch notification alerts, notification ring, navigation bar customization (height, color, opacity), app badges with notification counts, and battery health among others.

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