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OnePlus expected to show off a new concept device on March 3


OnePlus India posted a short video clip on Twitter to tease a new device that will be revealed on March 3.

The video doesn't really help us ascertain what exactly this product is, but thanks to OnePlus UK, we know it's not a phone or any other commercial product

, meaning we are not going to hear anything about the OnePlus 8 series.

You can check out the clip below and tell us in the comments what you think this product could be.

2020 is the year of surprises. Can you guess what's coming up?


OnePlus India (@OnePlus_IN) February 28, 2020

Some photos have been shared as well. These don't really offer much extra detail, though.

This is cool.

OnePlus UK (@OnePlus_UK) February 29, 2020

Even if the March 3 announcement is not about the OnePlus 8 lineup, the Chinese phone maker is rumored to unveil the OnePlus 8 series in March or April, so we'll likely see the company tease its 2020 smartphones in the coming weeks.

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