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OnePlus Concept One World Tour announced, coming to 10 cities around the world


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Chinese phone maker OnePlus unveiled its Concept One smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this month with disappearing cameras. As the name implies, this is a concept smartphone that is not going to be available commercially. But, OnePlus has announced the Concept One World Tour that will still give you a chance to check it out in person if you want.

OnePlus will showcase the Concept One in 10 cities and eight countries around the world. It will arrive in France first on February 5 and will then be available to experience in the US, Germany, India, the Netherlands, UK, Finland, and Denmark.


Here's the complete schedule of OnePlus Concept One World Tour:

Location Date
Paris, France Febru ary 5
Seattle, US February 6
Cologne, Germany February 7
Delhi, India February 8
Mumbai, India February 8
Bangalore, India February 8
Amsterdam, The Netherlands February 12
Woking, UK February 13
Helsinki, Finland February 17
Copenhagen, Denmark February 19

Those who visit the events will also get a chance to interact with OnePlus' staff and share thoughts about the Concept One. You can head over to the source link below for more details about the venues and timings.


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