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OnePlus Concept One phone with electrochromic glass to hide rear cameras announced at CES 2020


After building the hype around the Concept One smartphone, OnePlus has finally announced it at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. A recent teaser had suggested that the Concept One is a product built by OnePlus in collaboration with McLaren that is well-known for making supercars. Some rumors had claimed that it could be a foldable device from the company, but the concept model appears like a regular smartphone from the front and it sports a leather rear with invisible triple cameras on the rear. Being a concept model, the company may never sell OnePlus Concept One smartphone.

OnePlus Concept One
OnePlus Concept One

The OnePlus Concept One looks like the OnePlus 7T Pro as it features a notch-less display and a pop-up selfie camera. The only two major features of the Concept One is its color-shifting glass technology for the triple cameras and its leather rear.

The rear design of the Concept One is inspired by McLaren 720S Spider sports car. The backside of the device features Papaya Orange stitched leather and it features an aluminum alloy frame. The latter is built with a new vapor deposition process which allows to sport a shiny gold finish.

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Above the OnePlus logo on the rear, there is a vertical triple camera system that is neatly tucked under an electrochromic glass. When a current is applied to glass, it can swiftly change from opaque to transparent. This special type of glass is used for sunroofs of some luxury cars, airplane windows and also for buildings where it used as a walls and windows.

On the OnePlus Concept One, the triple camera setup remains invisible under the electrochromic glass. However, when the camera is turned on, the three sensors become instantly visible. When the camera app is closed, the triple cameras again become invisible. According to the company, it takes only 0.7 seconds for the glass to transition from transparent to opaque or vice versa. As it can be seen in the official video, the electrochromic glass only covers the triple cameras, while the rest is covered by stitched leather.


The other good thing about this technology is that the glass can also become semi-transparent. In this state, it can act as a neutral density filter that can assist in capturing better shots in very bright sunlight. OnePlus claims that the Concept One make use of the most advanced electrochromic ever manufactured. It comprises of two 0.1mm glass panels between which is the organic material. The combined thickness of both glass is only 0.35mm and it uses negligible power to function.


Flagship phones these days come with four to five rear mounted cameras. A phone with too many cameras on its rear may appear less appealing. With the technology that was showcased by OnePlus on the Concept One, the multiple lenses of the phone can remain invisible.

According to OnePlus CEO and founder Pete Lau, “This concept phone is a significant experiment into the future form of smartphones. OnePlus started this initiative with the goal of bringing the “burdenless” user experience to the next level. The invisible camera stands as a new form of camera design, one that spares the user from the compromises of current camera layouts.”

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