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OnePlus Concept One officially revealed at CES 2020 with invisible cameras


The company has been teasing it for quite some time, preparing to show off its first concept phone, about which many have believed might end up being a foldable smartphone.

Instead, we get another innovation, in terms of an “ invisible camera”, thanks to color-shifting glass technology (electrochromic glass technology), allowing it to change transparency. No, we’re not talking about the front-facing camera, which pops-up, but, instead, the cameras on the back.


Not only does it conceal the cameras when not in use, but it also serves as an ND filter when shooting in bright scenes.

As you can see, it’s another McLaren collaboration.

This concept phone is a significant experiment into the future form of smartphones. OnePlus started this initiative with the goal of bringing the “burdenless” user experience to the next level. The invisible camera stands as a new form of camera design, one that spares the user from the compromises of current camera layouts. The rear camera lenses are hidden by the dynamic electrochromic glass and only become visible when the camera is in use. This optimal solution is what OnePlus calls “Electronic CMF”—a new approach in industrial design. This is just the beginning as we explore additional possibilities in the future.


Pete Lau, CEO and Founder of OnePlus

It takes, according to OnePlus, 0.7 seconds to shift from completely opaque to fully transparent mode on the Electrochromic Glass.

We’ll bring you more details on the OnePlus Concept One in our CES 2020 hands-on video. Until then we’ll leave you with the pictures below.

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