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OnePlus 9R could be the third device in the OnePlus 9 series


OnePlus 9 is expected to launch three smartphones under the OnePlus 9 series next month. While the regular variants will mostly be called OnePlus 9, OnePlus 9 Pro, the naming of the third one has been changing constantly. Now, a leak from renowned tipster Evan Blass suggests that it could be called OnePlus 9R.

Posted on Voice, Evan Blass’s leak shows what could be a code from the developmental firmware of the device. It shows the ‘OnePlus 9r‘ moniker. Back in November 2020, reliable OnePlus tipster Max Jambor had revealed that third the device of the OnePlus 9 series would be named as OnePlus 9E


Later, Android Central came up with their exclusive saying that OnePlus would call it the OnePlus 9 Lite. Evan Blass now looks to be pretty confident about the naming as he says “Goodbye, OnePlus 9E/SE/Lite”.

However, tipster Max expresses his doubts on the naming. Whether the OnePlus 9R naming turns out true or not, it looks like a third device from OnePlus is indeed on the cards. Regarding the specs of this device, Android Central had said that it would debut with Snapdragon 865


A leak regarding the other specs of this third device has been doing the rounds lately. It says that the device would get a 6.5-inch 1080p 90Hz display, a 64MP primary camera sensor with an 8MP ultra-wide, 5,000mAh battery, 8GB RAM & 128GB storage.

However, Max and other tipsters have slashed them as fake. Either way, OnePlus is expected to price this watered-down variant around $600 while the OnePlus 9 could debut around $800. Let’s wait for some concrete info to get an idea on the third device.



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