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OnePlus 9 series will include a OnePlus 9E alongside standard and pro models

OnePlus is changing its product strategy for its flagship phones again next year. After changing from a one-product strategy (per half) to a two-product strategy in 2019, a leak has revealed that the upcoming OnePlus 9 will have three models. So alongside the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, we will also get a third phone that will arrive as the OnePlus 9E.

This is the first time we are hearing of the OnePlus 9E and the info is from Max Jambor, the leaker who has a good track record when it comes to OnePlus-related leaks.

According to a short post on Voice, he reve aled that it is still unknown where the OnePlus 9E will be positioned in the series. There are speculations that it may be the most affordable model in the series just as the Galaxy S10e is the most affordable model of the Galaxy S10 series.


However, price is not the only concern. Fans of OnePlus who want a small flagship phone are hoping the OnePlus 9E will also have a smaller display. If that happens then we expect its display to be under 6.5 inches, probably closer to the 6.0-inch size.


The OnePlus 9E is expected to come with a Snapdragon 875 processor too, though we will mention that this info has not yet been confirmed. Just because it is a OnePlus 9 phone doesn’t mean it will be a flagship (the Mi 9 SE is a perfect example).

We hope more details will surface in the near future.

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