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OnePlus 9 Pro live images reveal a partnership with Hasselblad


There were rumors that OnePlus will partner with Leica for the cameras of the OnePlus 9 series. However, another leaker said that the info is false and that OnePlus had no partnership with the German camera company. Now, live photos of the OnePlus 9 Pro have surfaced and they show a Hasselblad branding on the camera housing!

OnePlus is not the first smartphone company to partner with Hasselblad. Motorola actually did a few years ago with the launch of a Moto Z Camera Mod that was made in partnership with the Swedish camera manufacturer.

OnePlus 9 Pro live photo

The live photos were made public in a video by Tech YouTuber, Dave Lee on his YouTube channel Dave2D. According to him, the photos were shared with him by a user on Discord.

The video shows the OnePlus 9 Pro in Silver Gray. It has a curved display with a punch hole and a curved glass back that is home to a quad-camera setup. The rear cameras include two large sensors atop each other and two small ones positioned side by side. The camera housing is also home to the LED flash, laser focus system, and a small hole with a grille which we believe has a microphone inside it. The images confirm that the OnePlus 9 Pro will truly not feature a periscope camera lens as all the sensors are round.

There is a USB-C port at the bottom and it is flanked by the SIM tray and speaker grille on each side. The images also show that the OnePlus 9 Pro also has its frame curved around the Alert Slider and power button on the right side.


Some other images show some of the phone’s specifications. The display settings reveal the OnePlus 9 Pro has a QHD+ display with a resolution of 3120 x 1440. Users will be able to choose if they want to set the display resolution to QHD+ or FHD+ (2340 x 1080) or have the phone automatically switch to the appropriate resolution to save battery. We also see that the phone has a 120Hz refresh rate and users can switch between that and the 60Hz standard.

The About Phone section shows a OnePlus 6T rather than a render of the OnePlus 9 Pro. It also doesn’t state the processor, camera specs, and screen specifications. Another weird thing is that the RAM is said to be 11GB and it is paired with 256GB of storage.

This is definitely a prototype of the phone, so it is understandable why certain information is missing.

The OnePlus 9 series is expected to launch this quarter. There will be a total of three models – the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, and a third model called the OnePlus 9 Lite.



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