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OnePlus 8T official cases lineup gets a new Quantum Bumper Special Edition


OnePlus usually unveils exclusive official cases with every smartphone. That is the case with the OnePlus 8T and this time, the company has cranked it up a notch by launching more than one shades of Cyan.

To begin with, OnePlus launched four new shades of official cases with the OnePlus 8T. They are Karbon Bumper Case, Quantum Bumper case Cyborg Cyan. And, two Black and Cyan shades of Sandstone Bumper case. These are accessories and are sold separately. However, OnePlus bundles a silicone TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) case in the box along with OnePlus 8T. This silicone case has a big ‘Never Settle’ logo on the sides.

OnePlus 8T cases – Prices

All the cases will be sold via the OnePlus official websites/website-builder/" 51818 target="_blank">website. The Indian(₹), USA($), and Europe(€) prices are listed below:

  • Quantum Bumper case Cyborg Cyan- ₹1,490/$34.99/€32.95.
  • Karbon Bumper case- ₹1,990/$39.99/€39.95
  • Sandstone Bumper case(Black & Cyan)- ₹799/$24.99/€24.95

Quantum Bumper case Cyborg Cyan

Keeping that’s aside, we feel the coolest of them is the Quantum Bumper case Cyborg Cyan. OnePlus says it has a futuristic design and is a Special Edition. It has patterns like a circuit board and few who got the cases early say it has a 3D effect when moved.

Credits: OnePlus

OnePlus says the cases are aimed to match the Aquamarine Green color of the OnePlus 8T with a translucent design and higher impact resistance. It weighs case is 36g, measures 16.37cm*7.79cm*1.13cm, and is made of PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) and TPU.

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Karbon Bumper case

This is probably known to many OnePlus users. OnePlus usually makes a Karbon Bumper case for its flagship models and 8T gets it too. The material used is Kevlar and TPU. Kevlar is a synthetic polymer. It weighs 24g and measures 16.34cm*7.75cm*1.05cm. Just like other cases, we can expect durability and comfort here. But the design gives a lot of carbon-fiber texture throughout.

Credits: OnePlus

Sandstone Bumper case (Cyan, and Black)

1 of 2

8T Sandstone Bumper Black

8T Sandstone Bumper Cyan

This is another standard case variant of OnePlus. The new Sandstone case has two colors- Black and Cyan. The Sandstone here refers to the brushed finish it has resembling sand. Material is PC(Polycarbonate) and TPU. It weighs 31g and measures 16.37×7.8×1.09cm.

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