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One of the most unique tech gadgets of 2019 is 50% off for Cyber Monday


2019 saw a lot of original gadgets released, and one that's on sale for Cyber Monday is the Lenovo Smart Tab P10.

If you don't remember the P10, we don't blame you. It launched without much fanfare, and shortly after, seemed to disappear into nowhere. However, it's making a comeback with an impressive discount.

The Smart Tab P10 is essentially two devices in one — an Android tablet and an Alexa-powered smart display. It's quite a novel idea, and at 50% off its MSRP for Cyber Monday, it is a great addition to any smart home.

A smarter tablet

Lenovo Smart Tab P10

Tablet + smart display in one

If you want a truly unique piece of tech, check out the Lenovo Smart Tab P10. At first glance, it may look like a pretty generic Alexa-powered smart display. However, you can take the actual tablet out of the speaker dock and use it like you would any other Android tablet. It's a fun hybrid gadget that offers a lot of value at this low Cyber Monday price.

$174.99 $349.99 $175 off

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Devices like the Amazon Echo Show were quite popular this year, and unsurprisingly so. Having a speaker with a smart assistant that can also show step-by-step recipes, play videos, and more is something that can be useful in just about any home. When attached to the speaker dock that it comes with, that's exactly what the Lenovo Smart Tab P10 does.

Showing the same user interface found on an Echo Show, you can use the P10 to ask Alexa any question that comes to mind. You can have the assistant tell you about the weather, control other smart home devices, you name it. Many of these commands tie-in with the P10's screen, allowing you to use your voice to watch Hulu, follow that cookie recipe you've been meaning to try, see your progress of a timer, and so much more.

Everything presented on the Full HD display looks fantastic, and the speaker dock offers four Dolby Atmos speakers for powerful surround sound. On its own, it's a pretty compelling smart display option.


That's just half of what the P10 is capable of, though.

At any point, you can detach the Smart Tab P10 from the speaker dock and use it as an Android tablet! You get a full Android experience, allowing you to download and use apps like Twitter, YouTube, and even your favorite mobile games. The 7,000 mAh battery offers impressive endurance, and when you do need to charge up, just place the P10 back in the speaker dock.


Having this dual functionality makes the Smart Tab P10 stick out in a way that other smart displays simply cannot, and for anyone that uses and loves Alexa, it's a wonderful little device. It's also worth noting that this is the highest-end model, equipped with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage.

As just a tablet it's not as good of an experience as what you'll get with an iPad, but if you love the idea of having a top-notch Alexa display that can transform into a portable tablet in the blink of an eye, there's nothing else quite like the Lenovo Smart Tab P10.

The hefty $350 price that this package is usually accompanied with makes it a difficult sell, but at a mere $175 for Cyber Monday, it becomes a lot more enticing.

Cyber Monday!

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