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One of Razer’s best budget headsets is even cheaper on Prime Day


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Prime Day is offering a ton of deals on PS4 accessories, along with some of the best PS4 headsets, several of which are made by Razer. One in particular, the Razer Kraken X, I can personally vouch for since it's become my go-to headset in nearly every circumstance. While it's normally $50, you can grab it for a cool $33 today.

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Razer Kraken X

Music to my ears

At this price for Prime Day you really can't go wrong. Unless you absolutely need a wireless option, The Razer Kraken X is hard to beat for what it offers. It has 7.1 Surround Sound, a bendable mic, and most importantly, it's comfortable to wear with my glasses for a prolonged period of time. I can't say the same for a lot of other headsets.

I've been using the Razer Kraken X for over a year now, and I hardly use anything else. As my coworkers can attest, I wear them during every meeting and even as I record Jiggle Physics, our gaming podcast that is definitely about games and not about cryptids (which you should check out). I wear them on my own personal podcast with friends. I wear them while playing games on Xbox and PS4.

Razer is the best in the business for good reason.

You're not going to find a headset this cheap by a trusted brand name like Razer. The company is one of the best in the business for good reason — it keeps making quality gaming peripherals every year. Though it has much more premium headsets you could buy, why spend so much money when the Razer Kraken X gets the job done? This isn't for the audiophile who needs the absolute best in every category. It's a budget option for people who don't want to sacrifice audio quality just because they don't spend hundreds of dollars.

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What's even better is that the Razer Kraken X is compatible with PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Buy it now and you'll have the perfect headset ready to go for when you upgrade your consoles this holiday and beyond.

I have a few other headsets I've accumulated from reviews over the years, like a wireless HyperX Cloud Flight S that's nice as well, but I always keep gravitating back toward my Razer Kraken X.

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