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Older Google Pixels are getting revamped Camera UI


Google is known to introduce a new version of Google Camera with the launch of every Pixel device. Likewise, it launched the Google Camera 8.0 with new UI buttons and features alongside the Pixel 5. Now, it looks like the company is pushing a new update of Google Camera 8.1 to older Pixel devices as well.

A Twitter user Kelvin Peralta(via Android Authority)says that the new update came with Play Store Version Accordingly, he has shared a screenshot of the Google Camera 8.1 UI on his Pixel 4 XL. It shows a new ‘Cinematic Pan’ mode for Video. This is already present on the Camera 8.0 version on Google Pixel 5.

For the unware, Cinematic Pan is helpful in the stabilization of video while panning(swivel horizontally) for shots. Besides, on examining the APK version, 9to5Google’s team found that the latest Camera 8.1 is compatible with older pixels dating back to Pixel 2/2XL. That’s a great sign considering Google is restricting sideload of Camera Apps from Camera 8.0. Also, this is evident from another user who claims that he got the update on his Pixel 2 XL.

Further, Kelvin says that the new Play Store version jumped quite a bit from It’s possible that Google decided to revamp the App directly with a new version. However, we aren’t sure if all the other features of Camera 8.0 like Night Sight portrait quick zoom and quick access toggle in Video are coming to Pixel 4 XL and other devices.


That said, the new Google Camera 8.1 App also doesn’t seem to support sideloading. And apparently, an error relating to verification pops up while trying to do it. Sideloading is basically downloading the APK from the other sources and installing it manually.


However, a user has replied on the thread saying that he was able to find a workaround for it. He says by uninstalling the Play Services update, and re-installing the APK after signing up for Play Services Beta seems to work. But we aren’t sure how well this method will work for older devices. Hence, we would suggest you wait for Google to push it from its side as it doesn’t seem that far now.

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