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Nubia Red Magic 5G features hidden options for 120Hz refresh rate, new color modes and FHD screen recording


Back in March 2020, Nubia launched the Red Magic 5G, which is the current flagship handset from the company. It is a gaming smartphone that featured Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 SoC alongside 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and other features like a 144Hz refresh rate display. Despite being packed to the brim with top notch specs and features the device did not have an option to switch between screen refresh rate modes amongst other trivial customizable options. However, it turns out that the device does have these functions, but they are hidden.

Red Magic 5G Mars Red-
Red Magic 5G Mars Red

Talking about the lacking features first, these include a 120Hz refresh rate mode, an advanced screen color option, and an HD screen recording feature. These aren’t exactly profound and game-breaking features but are generally appreciated in a smartphone with a certain degree of customizability. But according to a recent post on the Red Magic 5G forums, it seems that the device does, in fact, include all of these additional settings and can even be easily accessed through an app like Activity Launcher.

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The list of features that can be accessed include:

  • cn.nubia.theme.local.ThemeActivity
    • This enables all the preinstalled themes on the device in which one can choose the “colorful international” theme to get round icons on their device.
  • cn.nubia.gamecenter.settings.records.RecordSettingActivity
    • Enables switching between the default quality of the screen recorder from SD to HD.
  • com.qualcomm.qti.qcolo.QColorActivity
    • Allows users to choose from 8 different available color modes for the screen.
  • cn.nubia.factory.ChooseFpsActivity
    • Users can enable the 120Hz refresh rate, however, standard settings and the refresh rate notification won’t show the new value.
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    • Enabling “default auto FPS” in the hidden menu will bring back the original refresh rate.


Reportedly, these aren’t the only hidden feature that the Nubia Red Magic 5G has. Other smaller features include the battery percentage in the status bar, fingerprint calibration settings, and battery stat. All of these can be made available through the Activity Launcher app.

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