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Nubia Cube Charger with 22.5W output announced for 59 yuan ($9)


Nubia, a sub-brand of ZTE Corporation, has today announced its latest product in its home market China — Nubia Cube Charger. As the name itself indicates, the device is a cube-shaped charger that supports 22.5W charging.

It comes with a USB Type-C interface and the company has revealed that the product will be available in four color options — Cream White, Matcha Green, Strawberry Pink, and Mint Blue. The product is priced at 59 yuan, which roughly converts to $9.

Nubia Cube Charger

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While the company has not yet revealed when this new Nubia Cube Charger will be available for purchase, some reports indicate that it could go on sale in the Chinese market from 20th January.


The launch of this new 22.5W charger from Nubia comes months after the company had launched the Nubia 65W GaN Candy Charger, which also comes in colorful options, including Blue, Green, Pink, and Yellow, for a price of 109 yuan (~$17).


The 65W charger from the company also comes with a single USB Type-C interface, similar to the newly launched 22.5W Nubia Cube Charger. Along with 65W output, it supports PD 3.0 protocol and 3.3-11V-5A and 3.3-21V3A PPS.

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