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Nokia Lite Earbuds (BH-205) images appear via FCC as launch draws near


A new certification note from the U.S regulatory agency, Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has provided insights on Nokia‘s upcoming truly wireless (TWS) earbuds, the Nokia Lite earbuds with model number BH-205. The device has gone through several development stages culminating in its FCC certification and should be hitting the market shortly.Nokia Lite earbuds


Nokia has a scheduled launch event on April 8, 2021, and the Nokia Lite TWS earbuds would most probably be on the lineup for that event. However, the company is yet to provide details of the devices scheduled for unveiling during the April 8 event.

Images of the Nokia Lite earbuds were also revealed on the certification page and they reveal the design choices and specifications of the upcoming earbuds. We can see from the visuals the device’s overall measurement, some other components, internal mechanisms, its charging case, and a user guide were part of the details provided.Nokia Lite earbuds

The FCC certification shows that there will be three sets of ear tips for the device. It will also come with a USB Type-C charging port, a charging case housing a battery with a rumored capacity of 400mAh. The earbuds themselves will both have a 40mAh battery, although we do not know the battery life of the earbuds and that of the charging case on a full charge.Nokia Lite earbuds

The design notes and images show that the wireless earbuds have a stem design and will have one-touch buttons for call control and music navigation. We expect that the device will be compatible with Android and iOS devices, like several other TWS earbuds.


No information is available yet on the expected cost of the BH-205 wireless earbuds bit based on its modest specifications as per the battery capacity. We should expect the price to be affordable for a large segment of the target customers.


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