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Nokia is Counterpoint Research’s most-trusted brand in terms of software, security & durability

Recently, Counterpoint Research released a report on trust rankings for smartphone brands. The research firm’s trust rankings are based on certain four pillars. Like last year, HMD Global’s Nokia-branded Android smartphones rank first in all these four categories. Thus, Nokia has become the most-trusted brand for the second year in a row.

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Counterpoint Research is one of the most popular research firms known for tracking tech industry trends. The company’s latest report on smartphone brand trust rankings reveals Nokia to be leading in all the analyzed four factors.

These four pillars are:

  • Timely Software Updates
  • Timely Security Updates
  • Build Quality
  • Enterprise/Business Recommended Smartphones

As per the report, from Q3 2019 to Q2 2020, Nokia-branded Android smartphones were the only handsets to receive monthly security patches (100%), followed closely by OnePlus with 90%. Similarly, Nokia and OnePlus were the only brands to update their eligible devices to Android 10 in the same period, followed by Samsung and realme at 89% and 73% respectively.

Interestingly, the report says that Nokia smartphones go through rigorous durability tests than the industry average. Lastly, 53% of Nokia-branded phones are Android Enterprise Recommended, followed by Lenovo

Motorola with 44%.

According to the report, the smartphone replacement cycle has reached 30 months, however, only Nokia and OnePlus devices are receiving regular security updates. On the other hand, Samsung

’s efforts are dwarfed by its huge portfolio but the company still manages to deliver updates to eligible devices, albeit at a slower rate than HMD Global.

Having said that, the gap between Nokia and other brands in terms of regular software updates has narrowed than last year. In other words, HMD Global is slowly losing its only stronghold.

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