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No multi-user support yet but Chromecast with Google TV will get a Kids Profile


One of the major complaints of users of Android TV is the lack of multiple users support. This means that all the favorite content of a household with multiple users are mashed together. Folks expected Google to address the issue with the launch of Google TV but that wasn’t the case. Now, it has been reported that the Chromecast with Google TV will be getting a Kids Profile soon.

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Chromecast with Google TV

This is technically not multi-user support but it means parents or guardians will be able to create a separate interface for kids. With a separate profile for kids, parents will be able to restrict kids from certain content that would otherwise be accessible via the main profile.

The news of a Kids Profile for the device was posted in a support thread by a Google spokesperson, reports XDA-Developers. The statement said that the feature should begin rolling out to users “in the next month (or so)”. It also adds that the feature will allow a safe space to be created for kids in Google TV.


Parents or guardians will be able to choose what apps should be made available to kids, however, there will be some default apps such as YouTube Kids. The Kids Profile will require a PIN if a user wants to exit it. This is to prevent kids from accessing a parent or guardian’s account.

Google still plans to bring multi-user support to the Chromecast with Google TV. Last October, it said in a reply to a user’s tweet that the feature was a top priority for them but didn’t say when to expect it. We hope it arrives soon and is made available to devices running Android TV too.




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