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No microSD on the Galaxy S21? No problem.

microSD Alternatives for Samsung Galaxy S21
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Samsung has ditched the microSD card slot, so if you're looking for the best microSD alternatives for the Galaxy S21, we're here to assist. There are plenty of choices available that deliver the same performance as the S21's internal storage, with the Samsung T7 leading the pack with its rugged design and 1050MB/s transfers. So if you're missing the expansion slot, here are the best microSD alternatives for your Galaxy S21.

The obvious choice:

Samsung T7 500GB Portable SSD

Staff Pick

Samsung's T7 portable SSD has 500GB of storage encased in a shock-resistant design that withstands 6-feet tumbles. You get an incredible 1,000MB/s writes, ensuring near-instantaneous transfers from your S21 to the SSD. Samsung bundles USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables in the box, and the sleek form factor and the durable design make the T7 the ideal choice.

$80 at Amazon

As easy as it gets


Anker SD Card Reader

Just need to connect your microSD or SD card to your Galaxy S21? Then you'll want to get Anker's USB-C SD card reader. It has a diminutive size and has slots for both microSD and SD cards, and is the easiest way to add a microSD card to your S21.

$13 at Amazon

Two in one:

Samsung Duo Plus 256GB USB-C USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Need an effortless way to transfer photos and videos to an external drive? Samsung's Duo Plus is a unique flash drive that connects to your phone via USB-C, and it also has a regular USB-A connector for hooking it up to Windows machines. It can transfer data up to 300MB/s and is an extremely straightforward solution to backing up photos.

$43 at Amazon

Charge and back up your phone:

SanDisk Ixpand 128GB Wireless Charger Sync

This wireless charger looks like any other Qi mat, but it houses built-in 128GB of storage and automatically backs up photos and files from your phone while charging it up wirelessly at 10W. You can then view the content that's backed up on a Windows or macOS machine, and the charger even has the option to free up storage by deleting backed up data.

$130 at Amazon

Carry it everywhere:

SanDisk Extreme 500GB Portable SSD

If you're looking for a portable SSD that's easy to carry around, look no further than SanDisk's Extreme series. The diminutive size makes it a great option; you can transfer files at up to 1050MB/s, there's a bundled USB-C to USB-C cable, and the chassis has an IP55 rating and is resistant to tumbles. This is a great rugged option for backing up your photos and files.

$95 at Amazon

Do everything:

RAVPower FileHub

Already have a lot of media stored on a microSD card? Then you can slot it into the RAVPower FileHub and stream the data wirelessly to your phone. You can also add an SD card and use the FileHub to wirelessly back up photos and videos from your phone, and it works as a mobile router when you're on the go. Honestly, the versatility that you're getting here is incredible.

$56 at Amazon

Live the dongle life:

Uni MicroSD to USB-C Adapter

If you want an easy way to access the contents of an existing microSD card on your Galaxy S21, then you'll want this dongle. Uni's dongle works with both microSD and full-size SD cards, and it connects to your phone over USB-C. It has a braided cable, and the lightweight aluminum housing makes it a great choice.

$13 at Amazon

Turbocharged transfers:

Seagate Barracuda Fast 500GB SSD

This is what I use to back up photos and data from my phones. Seagate's external SSD has outstanding performance — going up to 540MB/s — and is designed to last several years without any issues. It has a sturdy build, a green accent light, and you get USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB-A cables in the box, making it that much more convenient to use.

$90 at Amazon

All the storage you need:

SanDisk 512GB Ultra Drive Dual Go

SanDisk's Ultra-Drive is a traditional USB flash drive that connects over USB-C to your phone, making it easy to transfer data. But it also has a USB-A port that allows you to connect to a Windows machine. The tiny form factor means you can easily carry it around on a keyring, and you get up transfers of up to 150MB/s.

$66 at Amazon

You won't miss the microSD card on the Galaxy S21 with these products


Samsung T7 External SSD

Samsung T7 External SSDSource: Android Central

UFS-based internal storage significantly outmatches microSD cards, and Samsung used this as the reasoning for ditching the slot on the Galaxy S21 series. But with the wide availability of external SSDs, there are plenty of options that deliver much better transfer rates while costing the same as traditional microSD cards. If you need to extend the storage of your Galaxy S21, my recommendation would be the Samsung T7 portable SSD.

The T7 has a rugged design that holds up to daily wear and tear without any issues, and you get an insane 1050MB/s reads and writes — 10 times more than regular microSD cards. The external SSD works seamlessly with your Galaxy S21 and any other Android phone, for that matter, and you can also use it to back up data from your Windows or macOS machine.


If you're looking for a dongle instead to connect an existing microSD card to your S21, the Anker SD Card Reader is the ideal choice. It connects over USB-C and has slots for both a full-size SD card and a MicroSD card, and it doesn't take up too much room.

You'll find plenty of great microSD cards for Android. Still, as is becoming increasingly clear with the likes of the Galaxy S21 and other high-end phones, Android device makers are eschewing the format as UFS storage modules become increasingly mainstream. So if you're still using a MicroSD card to extend your phone's storage, now is as good a time as any to make the switch.

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