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Ninebot Gokart Pro launches on Indiegogo for the global market


Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company Segway-Ninebot first unveiled the Ninebot Gokart Pro in China in May this year. Since then, the popularity of the product spurred the company to partner with luxury carmaker Lamborghini to release a Lamborghini edition of the GoKart Pro. The brand is now bringing the Ninebot Gokart Pro to the international market as it has been launched on Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.Ninebot Gokart Pro

The crowdfunding exercise will run until mid-October after which it will start shipping to successful backers. The Gokart Pro carries a price tag of $1,499. This is slightly higher than the Chinese launch price which is 8998 yuan (~$1268). Ninebot is also giving early backers the chance to win a free 120W fast charging adapter if they drop a comment on the crowdfunding page after backing the project. This offer is valid till September 17.

The Ninebot Gokart adopts an attractive metallic grey colour. It features a standard Gokart steering rack. The seat belt, headlights, and the silkscreens of the body are all decorated with green. The kart is a perfect fit for both children and adults as the body length can be adjusted in 4 gears. The height of the steering wheel can be adjusted in 3 gears.Ninebot Gokart Pro

The Gokart Pro uses a high-strength steel frame with an effective load of up to 100kg, which provides better torque rigidity and can effectively cope with road impacts at high speeds. The kart is also equipped with TPE soft anti-collision front lip and aerodynamically-shaped TPE side skirts with better impact cushioning performance and driving safety. Ninebot says this prevents issues such as the bumper breaking with a slight impact. The front of the car is also equipped with a “laser green” LED headlight, which is convenient for driving at night.

In addition to hardware protection, the Gokart also has technical protection systems, such as fault detection mechanism once it appears. When a fault is detected, the vehicle will brake urgently to ensure the safety of the personnel, and the audible and visual alarm will go off at the same time. Also, if the power-on self-test function detects that the accelerator is depressed when it is turned on, it will not respond to the throttle signal and the alarm will go off with the ambient light on the chassis and headlamps flashing until the throttle is released. This prevents the go-kart from zooming off when turned on if the accelerator is depressed accidentally. The vehicle also has a temperature protection function, battery overcurrent protection function, motor stall protection function, and driving prompt sound function.


The steering wheel is made of soft PU, which has greater friction and is more comfortable to hold. The highly wrapped racing bucket chair can effectively support the driver to resist the centrifugal force when cornering. The aerodynamic rear wing is added to the rear, and the shape is more competitive on the track. At high speed, the rear airflow can be combed to stabilize the body posture.

The Ninebot Gokart Pro is now equipped with CST front tires and TPE Sport drift rear tires. It packs an air-cooled motor with a 4800W peak power. The motor is powered by a 432Wh four-channel air-cooled battery pack and four-unit engine sound wave simulation system. The maximum acceleration is 1.02G and the top speed is 37km/h. The kart can also realise power drift and inertia drift just like a 150cc fuel kart. The accelerator and brake pedals have also been upgraded to racing-style stainless steel metal pedals.Ninebot Gokart Pro

The Ninebot Pro can also be folded and can fit in the trunk of most cars after it is fully folded, making it easy and convenient to transport.

Furthermore, it is equipped with four 8W high-power speakers. The speakers can be used to play music since there is Bluetooth connectivity on the Gokart. Also, the speakers can be used to simulate four different engine sound effects; single-cylinder engine sound effect, dual-cylinder engine sound effect, V8 engine sound effect, and V12 engine sound effect.

It can be paired with a mobile phone via the Segway Ninebot app. The app brings more intelligent functions such as viewing vehicle information, customizing the color of the ambient light of the chassis, upgrading the firmware, selecting the driving mode, and so on. After connecting to the app, you can choose from four driving modes; Safety, Novice, Sports and Track modes. The speed limit in safe mode is 8km/h, the speed limit in novice mode is 18km/h, the speed limit in sports mode is 28km/h, and the speed limit in track mode is 37km/h.

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