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Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15 with a futuristic design unveiled for ¥2999 (~$422)


Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company Ninebot (or Segway Ninebot if you like) has unveiled its latest e-scooter in China. The scooter dubbed Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15 is scheduled for launch on May 18 but is already on pre-order on Jingdong for2999 yuan (~$422).Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15

Design-wise, the Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15 adopts a portable but futuristic-looking design right from the handlebar to the braking system. Talking of the handlebar, the Ninebot Air T15 utilises a two-beam metal design encased in a plastic housing. The plastic housing has a light strip that runs from the bottom to the top. At the top end of the structure lies the front light which teams up with the light strip to make the scooter visible to oncoming traffic at night. The light strip also adds some aesthetics to the scooter.

The handlebar itself has a digital LCD display at the middle which shows key parameters of the scooter like speed, battery level, and others. The bike also pairs with a smartphone via the Ninebot app to also give users access to their scooter’s data and controls.Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15

The e-scooter uses puncture-proof hollow tires designed specifically for it. The front and back tires are of different sizes, while the back uses a 6-inch tire, the front tire is 7.5-inch in size. The benefit of this is that it elevates the handlebar a little and acts as a roller if the scooter needs to be conveyed from one point to another when folded. Yes, the Air T15 uses a foldable design which makes it easy transport. The e-scooter has a dimension of 1015 x 936 x 398mm when unfolded but in the folded state, it measures 223 x 1024 x 202mm. Ninebot Electric Scooter Air T15


The Air T15 control system is yet another innovative design. It uses “Step controls” embedded with the mudguard. To turn on the scooter, you depress the mud-guard. The braking system is also done by stepping on the mudguard. This comes with some safety concerns which Ninebot will likely answer during the official launch. The brake light uses a surround strip design which also improves visibility and aesthetics.

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In terms of the key specifications, the e-scooter has a maximum carrying capacity of 100kg and can climb a 15-degree elevation. The scooter can travel at a speed of 20 km/h but has a range of just 12 km. Of course, the mileage can be extended depending on the usage. It packs a 4000mAh smart BMS battery with overheat, overcharge, under circuit protection. The battery can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours. The scooter has a net weight of about 10.5 kg which is pretty decent.

The Ninebot Air T15 also ships with a storage stand where it can be kept while charging. In addition, it comes with an IPX4 waterproof rating which makes it suitable for use in the rain of course as long as visibility is okay for the rider.

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