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New POCO phone teased as a challenger to the OnePlus Nord


The OnePlus Nord was supposed to go on sale today in India but the sale date was postponed to Thursday, 6th of July. For those who are yet to make up their minds on purchasing the phone, POCO has teased the arrival of a new phone as an alternative to the Nord. Will it be a better alternative? Time will tell.

The info comes from a tweet by Angus Kai Ho Ng, the product marketing manager and global spokesperson for POCO. The tweet hints at the arrival of a new POCO phone and also has the hashtag #POCOcomingsoon.

The official POCO Twitter account replied to the tweet too, confirming that a new phone is indeed coming.

There are speculations that the phone coming is the POCO F2. However, there is no info to back this up. Nevertheless, we believe it may actually be a rebadged phone.


The OnePlus Nord will be up to some serious competition in India in the coming months. For example, the Pixel 4a is launching in the country in October and some buyers may be willing to wait for Google’s new mid-range Pixel rather than purchasing the Nord. We also expect Realme

to announce a phone too.

Are you planning to pick up the OnePlus Nord? Will you wait to see what POCO has to offer or will you go ahead and make your purchase? Let us know in the comment box.

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