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New leak reveals OnePlus Watch will have a round dial


A few weeks ago, we reported that OnePlus was working on its very first smartwatch. The OnePlus Watch as it will be called has already been certified by Singapore’s IMDA which means a launch should not be far off. Now, a new leak has revealed a key design info.

German-based leaker Max J. (@MaxJmb) posted an image on Twitter today that revealed the OnePlus Watch will have a round dial. As seen in the tweet below, the image shows the word “Wotch” along with the hands of a watch.

The caption is actually the key to decoding the hint that the OnePlus Watch has a round dial hence the reason why he swapped out “a” for “o” in the spelling.

So if you have been wondering if OnePlus’s first smartwatch will have a round dial or square dial, now you know. Nevertheless, expect OnePlus to make a documentary or release a post explaining how it eventually settled for a round-faced watch.


Now that we have gotten the shape of the dial out of the way, the next big thing is the operating system the watch will run on. Will we get a sort of OxygenOS for Watch based on Wear OS or will the OnePlus Watch run a different operating system entirely? Time will tell.

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