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New iPhone 12 lineup will most likely lack 120Hz displays


We have received several rumors concerning the displays of the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup. Some suggest that they will include 120Hz refresh rates in the high-end models, while others claim that they will miss out on this feature for various reasons. The latest rumor comes from Ross Young, and he doesn’t have good news for those Apple fans who expected 120Hz displays in their next iPhone.

According to Ross Young, the new iPhone 12 series will miss out on 120Hz refresh rates. It seems that Apple will be able to get 120Hz Pro panels, but they will lack the 120Hz

driver ICs. Apple could further delay the launch of the iPhone 12, or stick with the current 60Hz, and it seems that Cupertino will go for the second option. This is a major bummer for Apple fans, especially when we consider that 120Hz refresh rate displays are available in almost every Android flagship, some even reaching 144Hz. Whatever the case, Apple will someday catch up to 120Hz and give it a fancy name that will drive its fans crazy.

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