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New Android Auto update starts rolling out bringing Google Assistant


The most recent update of Google‘s Android Auto includes a couple of features that will further enhance its versatility as a mirror app of your Android smartphone for compatible dashboard systems. The update brings a shortcut to launch the Google Assistant feature on the app a couple of new wallpapers.Android Auto

The new shortcut to the clever Assistant feature on Android Auto will allow users to easily add a shortcut to launch Google Assistant to do several tasks via the app. These include quickly calling a person on your phone contact or requesting navigational assistance, as well as many other activities that could trigger the action of the Assistant action. This new shortcut feature helps to fully integrate Android Auto to provide greater width and services as if you were using your Android smartphone itself, which is quite exciting.Android Auto

Late last year, some tipsters had predicted that Google was indeed working on adding wallpapers to an upcoming Android Auto update so that users of the app can get an array of beautiful wallpapers to use. Recent comments and screenshots released by users on social media platform Reddit

show that indeed Google has started rolling out the feature, as the users provided screenshots as evidence of their claims. However, this new updated option for wallpapers does not allow users to choose photos from their camera gallery as wallpapers in Android Auto – at least with this current update.

The wallpapers feature a number of themes reflecting ambience and coolness and can be accessed via the settings of the Android Auto app. You can easily change your wallpaper by picking the Choose Wallpaper option under the settings menu.


In order to get these new additions, you must first update your app to the current version of Android Auto and see whether the new features are available.



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