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Never complain about your Wi-Fi again thanks to this Prime Day Eero deal


Eero Mesh WiFi System (gen 3)Source: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

It's easy to get lost in all of the great Prime Day technology deals, particularly on flashy items like smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. But let's not forget about the smart home while we're at it, and in particular, our Wi-Fi situation. If you're frustrated by your current Wi-Fi setup or need an upgrade, then I can't recommend this deal highly enough.

Mesh Wi-Fi routers are fabulous because they take your current internet signal and intelligently spread it around the house where it is needed most. This can provide a much-needed boost in low signal areas, improving speeds when and where you want them to be.

Spread the signal

Eero Mesh 2 Pack

Making stronger connections

A mesh Wi-Fi system from Eero is a great value during the best of times, but it's a life-saver during pandemic times. It will provide a strong signal throughout your home f or all of the working, studying, and video streaming that you and your family are doing right now, and into the future.


Regularly retailing for $170, this Eero 2-pack promises whole-home coverage for houses up to 3,000 square feet. Being an Amazon company, the Eero system also works hand in hand with Alexa, allowing you to access and control your Wi-Fi through voice commands or within the app. If you find you need more coverage, it's easy to add additional modules to expand the Eero mesh network. And setting up an Eero is about as easy as can be; I was able to do so in less than five minutes!

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In fact, I've been using an Eero Mesh Wi-Fi system in my home since February, and I can definitively say from first-hand experience that it is a game-changer. Even with gigabit internet, my provider-supplied router was regularly having problems, and we constantly experienced buffering and congestion issues, just a room or two away.

After much hassle, I contacted my internet provider, who then swapped out their Wi-Fi router, and the same issues persisted. It wasn't until I bit the bullet and purchased an Eero Mesh Wi-Fi system that I finally started seeing the speeds that I was initially promised. Now we regularly have three or four people on Zoom calls, watching videos, or uploading school and work projects simultaneously, and we've even got over 40 connected devices in our house!

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