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Netflix StreamFest: How to watch Netflix for free this weekend


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This weekend, Netflix will be free to stream in India. Netflix StreamFest is a 48-hour window where everyone in India will be able to access the streaming service's entire catalog for free. This is the first time Netflix is offering its service for free to an entire region, and if you're in India, here's how you can start streaming Netflix for free — and the best TV shows and movies to watch this weekend.

Netflix StreamFest: When can you stream Netflix for free?

Netflix Streamfest kicks off this weekend, December 5 and December 6. All the TV shows and movies available on Netflix will be free to stream from 12:01am IST on December 5, and you can access the streaming service's library until 11:59pm on December 6. That's a full 48-hour window where you get to stream all the best TV shows and movies that Netflix has to offer.

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Netflix StreamFest: How to start streaming

All you need to do is go to the Netflix StreamFest dedicated site and enter your name, email address, and password to start streaming. You can also do the same by downloading Netflix's app from the Play Store and registering for the service.

While Netflix usually asks you for some sort of payment information, that's not needed during the 48-hour StreamFest. Just set up an account with your name, email address, and password, and you will be able to stream Netflix's content library for free. It's as easy as that.

Netflix is allowing full access to all the features it offers, so think of StreamFest as a trial — you can download TV shows and movies for offline viewing on your phone, set up profiles, add shows to your list, enable subtitles, and browse Netflix in Hindi.


Netflix has all the best TV shows and movies you'll find today, and with StreamFest, you can access it for free throughout the weekend. Don't miss out on this chance to access Netflix's entire catalog for free.

Netflix StreamFest: What is the streaming quality?

Once you register, you can stream any TV show or movie listed on Netflix in standard definition (480p). There's one restriction: only one user will be allowed to stream from one account, so if you're looking to stream with your friends, everyone needs to create an individual account.

Netflix is available on just about every platform, and you can cast content from your phone to your TV via Chromecast, ir use the pre-installed app on Fire TV Stick, Android TV, and Apple TV.


Netflix StreamFest: Best TV shows and movies

Netflix has tens of thousands of TV shows, and it can be pretty overwhelming to find something to stream on the service if you're just getting started. So I'm rounding up some of my favorite TV shows and movies on Netflix; just hit up the links below to start streaming directly on the service.

Best Netflix plans in India

If you decide to continue subscribing to Netflix following StreamFest, there are plenty of plans to choose from. Netflix offers a mobile-only plan just in India, so if you primarily stream TV shows and movies on your phone, this would be the best choice. Here's a look at all the plans Netflix offers in India:

  • Mobile: ₹199 monthly, single user, standard definition (SD/480p), limited to mobile. No ability to cast to TV.
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  • Basic: ₹499 monthly, single user, standard definition (SD/480p). Works on TVs, lets you cast content to any platform.
  • Standard: ₹649 monthly, two users, high definition (FHD/1080p). Works on TVs, lets you cast content to any platform.
  • Premium: ₹799 monthly, four users, 4K HDR (UHD/4K). Works on TVs, lets you cast content to any platform.

The mobile plan is a great way to get started with Netflix in India, and if you want to stream on TVs, the standard plan is the obvious upgrade. With StreamFest kicking off, now is the best time to go through Netflix's catalog and decide if you want to pay for the service after the weekend.

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The best streaming service goes free

Netflix has tens of thousand of TV shows and movies, and the streaming service is free to access this weekend for everyone in India. This is the best chance to see all the content available on Netflix, and if you like what the service has to offer, plans start at just ₹199 a month.

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