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Must-haves for remote teaching


If you're a teacher, you're probably still struggling with the adjustment of having to teach remotely. Between getting kids or students to pay attention when they're at home, making sure that you have all your necessary materials, and dealing with any tech issues that could pop up, teaching remotely is a lot. But those tech issues don't have to be quite as much of…an issue. With the right tools, your online teaching experience could get a whole lot better.

No matter what tech you need to enhance your remote teaching experience is, there should be something on the list for you below. Check out these must-haves for remote teaching.

Crystal clear image:

Lenovo 500 Full HD USB Webcam

Staff Pick

A solid webcam will help your students feel like you're actually talking to them in person, and the Lenovo 500 is a great option. This webcam has a Full HD resolution, along with a sleek and stylish design that should look great on any computer monitor. And, the webcam comes with a USB-C connector, and a USB-C to USB-A adapter, essentially meaning that the webcam should work with any computer.

$69 at Adorama

A teaching powerhouse:

Apple MacBook Air 1.3-inch Laptop

A decent laptop is important in any job, but if you're a remote teacher you probably rely on your laptop more than most. The MacBook Air offers decent performance in a stunning design, plus it has a webcam built into it for those zoom calls. It also has a few USB-C ports to connect those additional accessories.

$1,299 at Adorama

A super-fast connection:

Netgear R6220 AC1200 Wi-Fi Router

Your router could make or break your teaching day, which is a why a good one is so important. Routers can get super expensive, but if you want a reliable one that doesn't break the bank, the Netgeart R6220 is a great way to go. This router is dual-band, which should help make for faster speeds, plus it can deliver gigabit wired speeds.

$89.99 at Adorama

Hear and be heard:

Corsair Void Elite Surround Premium Gaming Headset

If you need a better way to handle audio, getting a headset with a built-in microphone is absolutely worth it. This headset not only sounds great, but it will help you sound great too — ensuring that your students can clearly hear your voice. The headset is also pretty comfortable, which means that you should be able to wear it for hours on end without any issues.


$89.99 at Adorama

Hastle-free audio:

Audio Technica AT2020USB+ USB Microphone

If you really want to get improved audio, it might be work buying a separate, dedicated microphone. Audio Technica is known for its professional audio equipment, but the AT2020USB+ is extremely easy to use, plugs straight into your computer's USB port, and sounds great. The microphone works with most video conferencing software, and it has controls built into it to ensure that you can get the best audio possible.

$149 at Adorama

Print in style:

HP OfficeJet Pro 6230 Printer

If you're teaching from home for the first time, then you may not be aware of how important a great printer can be. The HP Envy 6230 offers a sleek and stylish design, plus it can print full-color images. Alternatively, it can print black-and-white documents at an impressive 18 pages per minute.

$149.99 at Adorama

All the tech you need

Teaching from home is likely a new challenge for you, but hopefully these tools will help take tech out of that equation. Whether you want to improve your audio with something like the Corsair Void Elite Surround headset or the Audio Technica AT2020USB+, or you want to make sure your image is crystal clear with the Lenovo 500 webcam, it's worth considering these options.

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