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Microsoft’s Windows 10X to come with Modern Standby feature


Microsoft has been working on a new version of Windows 10, which is called Windows 10X, for many months now. The operating system was supposed to launch this year but the company postponed it and made few changes to its initial plans.

Now, Windows 10X, which is built on top of the Windows 10 core operating system, is expected to officially release in the second quarter of next year. With just a few months to the launch, details are surfacing online.

Windows 10X Modern Standby

Windows 10X Modern Standby

A new report reveals that the Windows 10X from Microsoft will come with a ‘Modern Standby’ feature to offer an instant-on and always-connected experience.

Currently, most Windows-powered laptops take some time to wake up from sleep mode. With instant-on, as the name indicates, the company aims to offer an experience where the system resumes as soon as the lid is open.

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Another addition is the always-connected feature that will enable the apps to work in the background even during sleep mode. This will be helpful for apps like emails, allowing it to fetch email messages in the background. Most Windows Store Apps

are said to be compatible with this feature.

Apart from the Modern Standby feature, the upcoming Windows 10X is expected to come with several other features and improvements, including a new File Explorer. To know what’s up the company’s sleeves, we will have to wait for a few more months.


For those who are unaware, the Windows 10X project started out with a focus on dual-screen and foldable devices, but a few months ago, the company delayed the launch and revealed that it’s changing focus to single-screen devices for the initial release.

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