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Microsoft’s next gaming console might be called Xbox Series S as per fresh leak


Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on two new consoles codenamed ‘Anaconda’ – which later made its debut as the Xbox Series X – and a cheaper model named ‘Lockhart’. Back in June, devkit documents again namedropped ‘Lockhart’, and now, we have another leak which suggests that the ‘Lockhart’ console will debut as Xbox Series S (via ArsTechnica).

A couple of gamers actually managed to purchase the new Xbox Series X controller before the console can actually hit the shelves. But what is truly notable is that the retail packaging clearly mentions that the controller works with both the Xbox Series X and the yet-to-be-announced Xbox Series S

consoles, in addition to the Xbox One lineup, Windows 10 PCs and smartphones (both Android and iOS).

Rumors have persisted that the Xbox Series S will be cheaper (even disc-less) and less powerful compared to the Xbox Series X. And even though Microsoft

is yet to officially confirm the console’s existence, the name ‘Xbox Series S’ falls in line with the naming convention adopted for its previous-gen consolesXbox One X and Xbox One S. Moreover, rumors suggest that the ‘Lockhart’ aka Xbox Series S might be announced in the fall season.

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