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Microsoft Surface Duo’s neatly packed internal showcased in new video


A new video from CNET has revealed the internals of the Microsoft Surface Duo. The company had been working on the device for five years, and the video showcases the neat engineering under the device.

Looking at the video, you can observe that Microsoft has paced the internals very cleanly. The processors that handle the battery management for its dual battery systems can be seen beneath both touch displays. Although the device supports Microsoft Pen, the video reveals that there is actually no space to house one. An interesting aspect that is also seen with this video was the functioning of the hinge mechanism.

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In the video, the hinges can be seen funneling several wires to and from both sides of the device. In other words, some very clever and complex circuitry is housed beneath the Surface Duo. Other components like the proximity sensors, gyroscopes, and accelerometers can also be found behind both displays. The video also had Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, be interviewed who said that “When a new form factor comes along, it does have to be elegant, or it goes away quick.”

Microsoft Surface Duo Featured

While the Surface Duo isn’t exactly a foldable smartphone, it isn’t simply a dual display smartphone or tablet either. As suggested, it is an entirely new form factor we see that we see the company offering. The video also compared the device to a Nintendo 3DS, which resembles the Surface Duo although, the portable gaming console is a bit thicker.

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