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Microsoft Surface Duo peek feature detailed by leaked video


Remember the Surface Duo Microsoft introduced in October last year that got everyone excited? We’ve recently seen a video of Google Maps running on the device, and now we’re getting some extra gems about its so-called “peek” feature.

The video you see below has been posted to Twitter and is pretty self explanatory on how this peek feature will work. You will be able to just partially open/unfold the device to access and take a look at your notifications.

You can then preview or dismiss these notifications which will appear on a portion of the right hand display. It will work in a similar way when a phone call is received. Partially opening it will allow you to see who the caller is, and then the user can decide to open the device and take the call, or close it back to presumably silence it.


Microsoft had to come up with an easy way to access such information because, opposed to other foldable smartphones, the Surface Duo doesn’t have an external display for notifications and incoming calls.

Source: Twitter
Via: The Verge

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