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Microsoft sees an upgrade wave from Windows 7 users: Report


While Microsoft ended the support for Windows 7 back in January 2020, the older version of Windows is still going strong with a notable user base across the globe. However, despite this, the company has recently started seeing an upgrade wave as well.



According to a WCCFTech report, the American tech giant has supported the older version of Windows for over 10 years before finally ending support. While the company never officially shared any stats regarding the user base, data from NetMarketShare has revealed that 1 in every 4 computers was still being powered by Windows 7. Microsoft has offered a free upgrade offer to Windows 7 users. Now, a year after the company ended support, it has observed a new upgrade wave.

In other words, there has been a number of users shifting away from the now unsupported Windows version. Last month, the company stated that “In Windows, the stronger PC market resulted in overall OEM revenue growth of 1 percent, despite a strong prior year comparable in OEM Pro from the end of support for Windows 7. OEM non-Pro revenue grew 24 percent, and OEM Pro revenue declined 9 percent. Inventory levels ended the quarter in the normal range.”


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At the moment, at least 20 percent of all devices are still running on Windows 7, as per NetmarketShare. Furthermore, the most number of older devices running this version of Windows belong to government and institutions, which have always been slow to switch to newer products and services despite the company offering a free upgrade plan.



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