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Microsoft preps ML and AI to enhance camera capabilities on Surface Duo 2 5G


Microsoft launched its first dual-screen smartphone, the Surface Duo in September 2020, which marked its return to the phone market. The $1,399 device recently received a price cut and is now selling for $999. Still, that seems like a high asking price for the novelty form factor. The Surface Duo has an astonishing design, but that’s about it. The UI is messy, and the cameras are meh. However, it looks like Microsoft is aiming to improve the camera capabilities on the upcoming foldable, Surface Duo 2.

Surface Duo 2 could have a significantly improved image processing

The latest report comes from Windows Latest, which spotted several job listings on Microsoft’s careers site. It reveals that the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 is codenamed “Zeta.” While some of the job listings have been removed, in one of them, Microsoft confirmed that it is prepping machine learning and artificial intelligence to create a new camera experience that will “significantly improve image processing,” says the report. It also goes on to report that Microsoft plans to collaborate with independent developers to create new camera and photo editing apps for its Surface Duo.


It is likely to be a 5G device

Additionally, the Surface Duo 2 is likely to be a 5G device. While the job listing has now been removed, the company noted hat it’s on a “journey to create new experiences with Surface Duo” and they plan to enable 5G support to “fully express the Microsoft vision”. The company is looking for experienced individuals who are familiar with radio-frequency module development, which includes LTE and 5G.


“Job responsibilities will encompass working across a team of high impact individuals who are designing and coding RF drivers, RF board bring up including LTE and 5G technologies, factory tools, modem protocols, mobile operator certifications and PTCRB/GCF certifications on Surface Duo device,” wrote the company.

Hence, the upcoming Surface Duo 2 could have enhanced camera capabilities, and feature 5G support. We can expect the device to launch sometime later this year.

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