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Microsoft is testing a password-protected Kids Mode in Edge browser


Microsoft has started testing a new feature in Edge browser called Kids Mode, which as the name clearly suggests, is aimed at ensuring a safe internet browsing experience for children. Microsoft is currently testing the feature among the Insiders group in the Dev and Canary channels, and will likely roll it out widely soon.

You'll need the device PIN or password to exit Kids Mode

In Microsoft’s own words, enabling Kids Mode in Edge browser shows content that is kid-friendly and limits the scope of websites that can be accessed by children. While the list of websites that children of a particular age group can access is determined by the browser itself, parents can choose to manually add or remove certain websites from the safe list as well.

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Enabling the Kids Mode in Edge browser doesn’t require any sign-in, but in order to exit Kids Mode, one must enter the PIN or password of the device. Kids Mode can be enabled by tapping on the profile switcher option in the top right corner and selecting ‘Browse in Kids Mode’ from the drop-down menu.

Choose between two age groups viz. 5-8 years and 9 years or older.


You don’t necessarily have to sign-in for enabling Kids Mode, but doing so will sync the settings – such as the age group of children specified by parents and the list of blocked websites – across all your devices. Kids Mode will let parents choose between two age groups 5-8 years and 9 years or older. The only difference between the two is that the former opens a simplified browser view.

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And in case you’re wondering, parents and guardians can always change the age selection for running Kids Mode in Edge browser

. And until you exit Kids Mode by entering the device’s password, Edge browser will always launch in the kid-friendly mode. And oh, there’s also an option to adjust the theme when this feature is enabled.

When children visit a restricted website, they can ask their guardian to grant access to it via a Get Permission feature that is also password protected. The feature is available under the Family section of Settings menu in Edge browser. At the moment, testing of Kids Mode is limited to English (US) language on Windows and macOS.

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