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Microsoft announces details of Xbox Series S/X backward compatibility

A few weeks ago, Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 will be compatible with practically all PlayStation 4 games save for a few. Today, info about Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Series X‘ backward compatibility has been revealed and it trumps that of the PlayStation 5.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S featured

A tweet by Jason Ronald (@jronald) who is the Director of Product Management at Xbox, the Xbox Series X, and Series S will be compatible with all Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One games that currently work on the Xbox One today except for those that require Xbox Kinect.

He adds that these games will be available at launch and will “look and play better” on the two new generation consoles. That sure is a very expansive game library.

There are multiple ways to get access to this huge library of games. You can buy the game disc released for the aforementioned consoles and pop it into your Xbox Series X. If you are picking up the Xbox Series S which doesn’t have a disc drive, digital is the way to go. You can make a purchase of the digital game online or access them for free if you have a Game Pass subscription.


This is great news for Xbox fans and those who plan to pick up their very first Xbox console in form of the Series S or Series X. For the latter group, it means you can play those Xbox titles you never had the chance to play on the best Xbox hardware and with better graphics too.


The Xbox Series S and Series X next-gen consoles will go on sale on November 10.

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