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Micromax teases comeback; promises multiple new devices made by India for India


Micromax used to be one of the popular smartphone brands in India but has now been relegated to the sidelines by Xiaomi, Realme, and other Chinese brands. On August 15, India’s Independence Day, the manufacturer revealed it will be making a comeback.

The announcement was made on Twitter and includes a 90-second long video about how India has been dependent on other countries and how the dragon (China) has been bigger than the elephant (India) for 73 years.

Micromax’s co-founder, Rahul Sharma revealed that they will be announcing multiple smartphones and we expect a handful of them will belong to the entry-level and mid-range category. reports that these phones will be powered by MediaTek processors which should be the current Helio G series we have seen in a number of smartphones from Realme and Xiaomi/Redmi. However, Micromax has boasted they are going to change the game.

Mr. Sharma also added that they plan to invest INR 5 billion in R&D by the end of 2021. Research and Development is actually very important for any company especially those in a competitive market like the smartphone industry.


The last Micromax phone was the iOne Note and it was launched last October. We expect the first set of these smartphones will be announced as early as next month.

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