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Mansions of Madness is a steal this Black Friday


Fight the Great Old Ones and stop the veil between worlds from tearing.

I have wanted to pick up Mansions of Madness to add to my board game collection for a while now. It's always been on the wish list, but it's typically around $80, so a little too expensive for me. With Black Friday dropping the game down to about fifty bucks, I had to snap it up.

Mansions of Madness is a huge game based on the Lovecraft Mythos and makes you work as a team to defeat the forces of darkness. The game comes with four different scenarios to play through and a lot of excellent minis to admire. It's also a connected game that needs an app to play. The app is free and available on Android, iOS, and the Microsoft store. It talks you through the scenarios and even adds to the story at certain parts in the game.


Connected Board Games

Mansions of Madness (second edition)

$52 on sale at Amazon

A game for the ages

Mansions of Madness is a Lovecraftian game of complexity and enjoyment. Connecting it to an app adds a new dimension to the gameplay.

One of my favorite things about Mansions of Madness is the solo aspect. You can, if you so choose, play the game on your own. Because the bad guy's turn is based on the type of monster they are, you can play the game on your own with no troubles. Sometimes, when my wife is working away, it's fun to try these kinds of games solo, and it helps to learn the game so you can teach others.


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