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Make your appliances smarter with an Amazon Smart Plug Prime Day deal


Amazon Smart Plug with coffee makerSource: Amazon

It's that time of year again: Amazon's annual Prime Day event is slashing prices on all sorts of consumer tech, from phones and cameras to smart home devices like robot vacuums. But if you don't have money for the latest Roomba, you can get the next best thing by grabbing a smart plug to make your existing appliances a little smarter.

The Amazon Smart Plug connects directly to your wall outlet, and can be used to automate anything you plug into it by setting schedules or toggling the plug on or off directly from your phone or through the Alexa voice assistant.

Makes appliances smarter

Amazon Smart Plug

The Amazon Smart Plug is a simple gadget that lets you make regular appliances smarter by automating on/off schedules through an app or voice command. It's cheap enough to buy in bulk and improve a handful of outlets at once!

$18.74 $24.99 $6.25 Off

The deal on the Amazon Smart Plug isn't quite as straightforward as some o ther Prime Day deals have been. In addition to a Prime membership, you'll need to place your order with an Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card or Amazon Prime Store Card. If you do so before October 18 (a few days after Prime Day), you'll get 25% back in the form of a statement credit — that knocks $6.25 off the total price.


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For that money, you'll get a small plug that's short enough to squeeze two onto a single wall outlet, and you can even configure it to ship already associated with your Amazon account for a dead-simple setup process. Best of all, you don't need a hub to get the Smart Plug working; it's completely self-contained, and connects to your Wi-Fi instantly.

There's a button on the side of the Smart Plug to manually turn it on and off, but the main benefit is being able to turn it (and what you plug into it) on with a voice command through Amazon's Alexa service. You can schedule lights, fans, coffeemakers — whatever you want, really — to automatically turn on at certain points throughout the day, and the Smart Plug even features an Away mode that turns the connected device on and off at random intervals to give the appearance that someone's home, which is great for going on vacation.

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